Fear dragged me through tunnel of consequence
Mind magnified them,entitled to huge credence
In an attempt to avoid fear and trying to forget
Here i am,in the pitfall,facing guilt and regret!



Meticulously chose moments,wrote in book of life painstakingly
Tears flooded eyes,twist in time erased hard earned words of life
I stand gazing with awe,empty eyes,hands,emotions and mind!
Can weary hearts,empty hourglass fill pages,how to survive strife?

I want to escape…

I want to escape…
Sequels of my past my mind rewinds
Longing to rearrange my memories
But woe is me, can only be re-written
And it takes courage to create new ones!

I want to escape…
Snafues – Miniscule but magnified
Into dissappointments and regrets
Overgrown gigantically to low self-esteem
Resulting in ill belief of worthlessness!

I want to escape…
Weight of the world bringing me down
Keeping ill-moments alive which hurt
Desisting after failures,missteps of qualms
Feeling powerless over what happens to us!

I want to escape…
My Feelings – Landing me in quicksilver
Marred, unreciprocated,exploited,squandered!
Expectations gone unnoticed, desires unresponded
Aches, tears, sobs,tender hearts can’t bear!

I want to escape…
My nonsense, overthinking panicky mind
Protracted cancerous chemtrails of negativity
Redundant whirlpools eating up will to carry on,
Toppling strength,capitulating my own shadow!

Positives of Life

An innocent infant smile – As pure as an angel
Natural emotions unseived right from the heart
Divine cure to my unstringed heart,jaded mind!

Sound of Music – Soothing melodies to my core
Song of life composed in pieces by singing soul
Bringing rhythm to the vehement ardent journey!

Nature – Aligns my gravity in mid of buoyancy
Ties my senses to life and it’s best exhibit
Invigorating view to my sore sight and insight!

So many negatives in the dark room of my life
Yet nothing compares to splash of these colors
Converting all into positives instantaneously!

Nature Loves You!

I love the fragrant breeze…
Tells me of directions where you reside
Caresses my tresses and energizes me
With the will to blow me away to you!

I love the Flowers…
They are as tender as ur heart and emotions
They appeal my senses just like ur voice
And adorn colors just like your eyes!

I love Rains…
Because they drench me in ur showers of love
And cleanse my heart and mind off anything but you
And fill me up with a deep sense of your presence!

I love the Moon & Stars…
They shine brightly as your beaming smile,
Moonlight as pure as your sincere endearing affection
And every night, also attracts your gaze!

I love the Majestic mountains…
Strong, protective to valleys below
Surround them, as you safeguard me
No harm makes way to me as you never allow!

I love nature and everything in it…
Visible in many ways…within you
Which has strings attached, no matter where i wander,
Always leads my heart & mind back to you!