Nature Loves You!

I love the fragrant breeze…
Tells me of directions where you reside
Caresses my tresses and energizes me
With the will to blow me away to you!

I love the Flowers…
They are as tender as ur heart and emotions
They appeal my senses just like ur voice
And adorn colors just like your eyes!

I love Rains…
Because they drench me in ur showers of love
And cleanse my heart and mind off anything but you
And fill me up with a deep sense of your presence!

I love the Moon & Stars…
They shine brightly as your beaming smile,
Moonlight as pure as your sincere endearing affection
And every night, also attracts your gaze!

I love the Majestic mountains…
Strong, protective to valleys below
Surround them, as you safeguard me
No harm makes way to me as you never allow!

I love nature and everything in it…
Visible in many ways…within you
Which has strings attached, no matter where i wander,
Always leads my heart & mind back to you!


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