Half-needed relationships,half-willed responsibility
Half of my soul, half a tear, half a moment or two
Half happiness,half smile,half love half-heartedly!
Left me hanging in the skies half a life disgustingly!



I Long for you….
Like leaves wish for trees in autumn
They yearn dearly for impossible
Longing surpasses their lives!

I long for you….
Like a fallen star craves for skies
The light to which it had devoted
But, it’s world has fallen apart!

I long for you….
Like waves rush to coast
No gain but pain,embrace…
Shattering bitterly on rocks
Leaving gems and shells on way back!

Desire so intense i can’t breathe
Neither cry nor laugh,neverending languish
Pierces my heart and soul,makes me hollow
The value of this longing is emptiness!