Masked Skepticism

Human figurines of stone roaming the streets
With unbreakable existence & name that it keeps
With eyes of stone,emotions of stone & stoned heart!
Often has troubles handling a mishandled art!
The face that was once innocent and transparent
Turned to stone with hypocrisy apparent!
Deception turned it hard,Lies turned it pale
Darkness took over and developed need of a veil
A veil which hides insecurities, pain and grief
A mask which is short-lived support, in brief
From behind this uncomfortable mask of deception
There is an extreme urge for love and affection
How silly those fragile cumbersome feelings are?
They have to remove that mask first and show the scar!
The ugly scar-face eroded by soot, sins like char
First have to erase them, and then raise the bar
Of morality, character and personality within
Till the inner-self shines like glass therein
But we too grisly to witness too grotesque to accept!
Still hang onto our desires while consciences slept?


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